How to become a CLC Connect member

CLC Connect is a community engagement platform facilitating the connectivity of members of the CLC community across the world in a secure and safe online environment which will shortly be available to all Guild and Honorary members.  Please look out for your registration email.  If we do not currently have your email preferences, please email to provide us with your email address and permission to email you.  

CLC Connect allows you to:

  • inform Guild and College of updated contact details
  • connect with other Guild members on a professional or personal level
  • become a mentee or offer their services as a mentor to current pupils or fellow Guild members
  • review and register for Guild and College events
  • access a digital library of Guild and College publications, webinars, podcasts, videos and photographs
  • peruse job and volunteer opportunities across College and Guild and member’s organisations
  • join a variety of professional, area, class of, sport or interest groups
  • access Guild and College social media.

Please look out for your registration email or go to to register now.

The more people who use CLC Connect the more useful it will be for everyone. We welcome feedback and ideas.  Please contact Heather Eggelton in the Alumnae Relations and Development Office at