College is mid-way through a process of refurbishing the junior houses. As part of this refurbishment some of the girls will move to our newly built boarding house Bunwell, which was purpose built for us within a few minutes’ walk of College.  It will operate as a 'decanting' house, with girls moving from their current house into Bunwell should their current house need vacating while it is being refurbished. The House staff and girls of St Helen's became the first occupants of Bunwell in September 2014, with St Austin's following in September 2015 and Sidney Lodge in September 2016. 


  • Bellairs (Day)
  • Glengar (Day)
  • St Clare (Day)
  • Farnley Lodge (Boarding)
  • Glenlee (Boarding)
  • Sidney Lodge (Boarding)
  • St Austin’s (Boarding)
  • St Helen’s (Boarding)
  • St Margaret’s (Boarding)


  • Bayshill (Day)
  • Beale (Boarding)
  • Cambray (Boarding)
  • Elizabeth (Boarding)
  • Roderic (Boarding)
  • St Hilda’s (Boarding)


  • Fauconberg
  • Hatherley Court
  • St Bridget's
  • Bunwell (original)
  • Roderic (original)
  • St Helen's (original) est 1864
  • Fauconberg (original) est 1871
  • Bayshill Lawn