Tertiary and Higher Education Representatives

We are delighted that Natalia Desselberger (2017-2019, St Hilda’s) is the Tertiary and Higher Education Representative (THEIR).  Natalia is responsible for overseeing all the representatives, making sure that each year the link between College and university/college is as fluid for our members as we can make it.  

Please do get in touch with Natalia if you would like to be a representative (see the list of vacancies below). 

If you are interested in contacting any of the representatives please contact the Guild Office guild@cheltladiescollege.org

Tertiary and Higher Education Representatives:

  • Art College: VACANT
  • Birmingham University: VACANT
  • Bristol University: Linda Papagallo
  • Cambridge University: Rachel Lyu
  • Cardiff University: Edi Ekoriko
  • Cornell University (US): Sharon Ng
  • Durham University: Annabel Cooper
  • Drama College Representative: Alice Jemal
  • Edinburgh University: Issy Smith
  • Exeter University: Maya Robberstad
  • Imperial College: Abida Hyat
  • King’s College London: Jeanette Lim
  • Leeds University: VACANT
  • Loughborough University: VACANT
  • Manchester University: VACANT
  • Music College: VACANT
  • Newcastle University: VACANT
  • Oxford Brookes: VACANT
  • Oxford University: Imi Culhane
  • Reading University: VACANT
  • St Andrews University: VACANT
  • Southampton University: VACANT
  • University College London (UCL): VACANT
  • Warwick University: VACANT


Tertiary and Higher Education representatives (THEIR) are responsible for hosting gatherings at their university/college for Guild members. They will act as supports for first years and speak to current CLC students about their experiences.

They will set up a WhatsApp Group or Facebook Page to which former CLC and University “specific” students will be invited to join. 

Representatives will act as a link between the area representatives and Guild members who are attending university/college in a certain area.

They will advertise Guild events that are taking place in the city, broader county/region or in Guild generally (eg webinars) and will organise coffee mornings/lunches etc for Guild members at their university.

They will be a point of contact for Guild members seeking advice about university life if they are struggling.

Tertiary and Higher Education Representatives will also act as a point of contact for girls who are transitioning from College to university/college life and answer questions that SFC or College members may have about their university/college.