Baptism at College

It was a great joy and delight to have a baptism service in the Princess Hall on Sunday 19th May, as College’s main Sunday service.

Girls and staff joined together to welcome Amy and her family and friends as she came to be baptised.  Amy’s mum, Miss Burston, teaches History in College, and so this was a wonderful opportunity for us to celebrate as a community, and for girls to witness one of the Church’s important rites of passage.  We were also delighted to be joined by Guild members who had been at the previous day’s reunion.

Amy’s sister Lucy enjoyed helping during the service – especially enjoying sprinkling the congregation with water from the font, as those in the congregation already baptised renewed their baptismal promises.  Some of her family and friends got rather damp!

Students took part in the service in the usual way, providing music, reading and leading the prayers. The service reminded us that Sunday services, just as much as Prayers, demonstrate our worshipping life as a College community, students and staff together.

Revd Josie Goodwin, College Chaplain

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