Beale Memorial Hardship Fund

The Beale Memorial Hardship Fund was set up in about 1906 to help former members of College staff and former pupils in temporary financial difficulties.  College is the sole trustee.  Decisions regarding Beale Memorial Fund grants are made by the Chairman and Director of Finance jointly.  The Fund is to support past employees and past pupils where there is hardship.

 The normal process for a grant award is:

  1. an approach is made either by the prospective beneficiary or by a friend of the person concerned;
  2. an informal means test is carried out.  This can either be information directly sent by the prospective beneficiary or information collected by a friend/colleague/etc.

Over the years this Fund has helped many who have had an unexpected emergency and, whilst it is not possible to make regular payments, it is possible for a beneficiary to be helped on more than one occasion.

Please contact the Guild Office for further details