The Class of 1990 30-Year Reunion virtual Quiz

On Saturday 16th May, in lieu of their 30-year reunion, 16 members of the class of 1990 gathered online for a quiz and (several) drinks. Topics ranged from General Knowledge about CLC (e.g., How long was the swimming pool in the 1980s?), to 80s culture (books, films, music and TV) and ended with GDPR-sanitised random facts and gossip about the year group.

The winning team of Helen Carty, Delyth Davies, Tanvi Davda, Anneli Howard, and Eve Jardine Young triumphed thanks to their mastery across all categories. The raucous laughter throughout the evening was evidence that everyone enjoyed themselves and most people stayed online for longer than planned to take advantage of the opportunity to catch up with old friends. It wasn't quite the same as meeting in person, but it was the next best thing!

Photo taken during music round were doing "Walk Like and Egyptian" hand gestures. 

Participants were:  going from left to right starting on the top row:

Annabel Grant (Farnley Lodge)

Lisa Norcross (Farnley Lodge)

Nathalie Rabindran-Walker (Fauconnerg)

Catherine Baker nee Whiteman (Glenlee)

Pippa Richardson (St Helen's)

Caroline Holford (St Margaret's)

Emma Oliver (Farnley Lodge)

Josie Bagshaw (Glenlee)

Louise Holden nee Entwistle (Farnley Lodge)

Alison Van Der Hoven nee Colley (St Helen's)

Antonia Gordon (Cambray)

Tanvi Davda (Glenlee)

Anneli Howard (Fauconberg)

Eve Jardine-Young (Elizabeth)

Helen Haller nee Carty (Glenlee)

Delyth Davies (St Hilda's)


Lisa Norcross, 1990 Farnley Lodge