COVID-19 - Staying Connected

In these uncertain times, we hope your Guild network can be a place to find support and continuity. A community can take many forms. We are about to confirm — if for unwelcome reasons — that CLC is more than a physical location. College is all of us and we will find ways to connect and thrive and celebrate our connections despite even these most unprecedented challenges.  

Many Guild members have already asked how they can best support pupils through the uncertain months ahead, and we are exploring ways in which we can take you up on these kind offers, whether recording short videos on your career for the Professional Guidance Centre (PGC), as online mentors or audiences for musicians, or perhaps providing TED talk-style content for a resource bank.  


The Guild Office is open

In line with government guidance on social distancing, staff are now working from home. The Guild Office will remain open as long as is safely possible, and we hope this will continue to provide a hub for our community.   

We have a new temporary office telephone number which is 01242 907159 and one of us will be answering it between 10am-4pm, Monday to Friday. Do give us a call to let us know how you are getting on, for a chat, or if you would like to arrange a regular call from one of the team. You can email us if you prefer.

We will also be producing a more frequent Guild E-Newsletter sharing your stories, profiling Guild members and giving you an insight into how College is responding to the rapidly evolving situation.   

In the meantime, the annual Guild News magazine should reach you in April/May (depending on postal delivery/country), as well as a survey asking What do you want from Guild? (a link to the online version will be sent to you in due course). We would be grateful if you could take the time to complete the survey, so that when business as normal is resumed, we can make sure that our programme matches your needs. 

Please also don’t forget there are many ways to stay in touch digitally:


With very best wishes

Rebecca Ting, Director of Development and Alumnae Relations

Olga Senior, Chairman of Guild

Caroline Harris, Alumnae Relations Manager