Sisterhood II - Solo Exhibition, Danielle Salloum

I am a photographer, filmmaker and artist, based between Trinidad and the UK, who is passionate about raising awareness on issues that are often underrepresented in society about which I feel strongly. Last year, I held my first solo photography exhibition, Sisterhood, in Trinidad celebrating women for International Women’s Month in March which highlighted the many diverse, extraordinary women of Trinidad and Tobago. Glancing into the lives of these selected women, we saw how these inspiring individuals are making a difference, both in big and small ways. 

After the exhibition’s success, The Wilson Art Gallery invited me to bring my exhibition to Cheltenham this year, Sisterhood II, showcasing twenty of the women from last year’s exhibition in Trinidad and introducing twenty women from Gloucestershire, ten chosen by me and ten chosen by The Wilson Art Gallery. Three Guild members are included: Anna McLean (2013, Elizabeth), Eve Jardine-Young (1990, Elizabeth) and Frances Mills (2012, Bellairs).

Due to COVID-19, the exhibition at The Wilson closed just one week after the opening night (International Women's Day, 5th March 2020), instead of the expected three months. Should you wish to view the newly-launched virtual Sisterhood exhibition, please visit the Sisterhood Virtual exhibition on The Wilson’s website: 

Sisterhood Virtual exhibition with The Wilson -

It is hoped that paying tribute to the multi-dimensional efforts and beauty of women will empower others across Gloucestershire and the UK as it did in Trinidad and Tobago.”

To see some of my photography, please visit:  

To see Sisterhood (Part I) please visit: 

Short film (total 6 mins) about “Sisterhood” – Solo Exhibition 2019 for The Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago

Danielle Salloum

2005-2012, Glengar

Jess Darke, Danielle Salloum and Elizabeth Storm Hey on the opening night who are all past students. Jessie is also now an English teacher at CLC. 

Anna McLean talking during the panel discussion on International Women's Day.

In January 2020 Anna McLean and her brother Cameron, known as The Seablings, became the first sibling duo to complete the World's Toughest Row, crossing 3,000 miles of the Atlantic sea in 43 days, 15 hours and 22 minutes. The race earned the brother and sister team two world records. 

It was a true test of endurance. Alternating two hour rowing shifts, it meant that neither Anna nor Cameron had more than a maximum of two hours sleep at any one time, for the month and a half they were at sea. 

Anna, 25, was shocked to discover first-hand the under representation of women across science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) when she started her career in IT consulting. This inspired her to launch the #sameboat campaign for gender equality. Aligning her passion for adventure with her commitment to support the drive for gender equality, #sameboat has raised over $25,000 for the charity and UN Women UK.