Dentistry Talk by Guild member

On 31st January College welcomed back Guild member Rosealeen Lo (2018), who recently left CLC to study dentistry at the University of Hong Kong,  to share her experiences.

Rosealeen gave us essential advice about applying to dentistry courses in both the UK and Hong Kong, encouraged us to start researching available courses as early as possible, and provided us with tips on how to handle interviews.

Rosealeen explained that her main reason for choosing dentistry was her passion for craftsmanship and the satisfaction of treating patients. She stressed the importance of understanding one’s own interests and not making impulsive decisions when choosing a future career. She also taught us an important lesson, which is to hold on to what you believe in and to not give up even though university applications and interviews may seem daunting.

Overall, we are very thankful to College for inviting Rosealeen to speak, and to Rosealeen herself for her advice. We now have a better insight into studying dentistry at university and are inspired to work even harder towards becoming dentists.  

Annabelle (SFC1)