Last week, I was fortunate enough to spend my Friday evening at a 'World of Health' PGC networking dinner. Due to the glorious weather, we were able to spend the first 30 minutes of the evening talking to the guests outside.

The guests ranged from doctors to care workers, to those who are involved in the building of hospitals and the planning that goes with it. The variety of guests led to some very interesting and different conversations. It was great to get to speak to some people who are leading experts in their fields. I particularly enjoyed a conversation with a chemist about the development of certain drugs, which he is hoping could combat some serious illnesses.

After a while, we all sat down to some delicious food. The tables were mixed with students and guests, and after every course the guests would move to join a different group; this ensured that you got to speak to almost everyone. The variation in guests was so helpful, as it has helped to broaden my horizons to the many different jobs within the NHS and the health care sector.

I felt particularly inspired after meeting Dr Foster outside my boarding house, especially when I came to realise that she was a former CLC girl, and had also lived in St Hilda’s. Judy Foster had attended CLC in the late 50s and early 60s, and therefore was eager to see the changes in the House and to share this with her husband.

I gave her a tour around St Hilda’s and it was so interesting to hear how different her school experience had been and, although it was still a wonderful school back then, Dr Foster said that we have many more opportunities now. This really highlighted to me the importance of special occasions such as the Networking Dinners.

This event was a very valuable experience for me, and I would highly recommend that other girls attending future dinners. It is only a couple of hours, but you gain some great contacts and get to speak to some wonderfully passionate and experienced professionals.

Thank you so much to Mrs Mooney, the PGC, the catering staff, Guild members and all the other guests who took their time to speak to us, we are all so fortunate to get opportunities like this!

Ellie (SFC1)