St Hilda’s East is an award-winning multi-purpose community centre in Tower Hamlets, providing a wide range of services and opportunities. There are currently twelve services, from children’s and youth projects, Legal advice provision, a highly popular volunteer run Food Co-op, a Boundary Women’s Project working with Bangladeshi and local women, to a LinkAge Plus over 50s’ project and borough wide care.

St Hilda’s East was founded by former pupils of Cheltenham Ladies’ College and has an active link with the College and its Guild to this day. Established in 1889 as a settlement by the Guild of Cheltenham Ladies’ College, the pioneering Guild members who started this history over a century ago would certainly be surprised by many of the changes to the buildings and surrounding area, but they would still recognise the aims of St Hilda’s East today: to combat deprivation and social exclusion through providing education and recreational provision along with social care — activities that enable and empower individuals.

Funding for the work of St Hilda’s East comes from a range of sources: charitable trust grants, livery companies, local Council contracts, sponsored events, corporates, community fundraising and donations – as well as income generation from hiring out space in the freehold community centre premises. St Hilda’s East celebrated its 130th anniversary during 2019/2020, sharing its achievements with the many supporters through a varied programme of events.

There is now an exciting opportunity for a Guild member to become a Guild Nominated Trustee who will also sit on the Board of Directors of St Hilda’s East. There are always two Guild Nominated Trustees on the Board, who are also members of the Guild Executive Committee and invited to attend the Guild Executive Committee meetings.  

As Ambassadors for Guild and St Hilda’s East, the Guild Nominated Trustees provide a two-way channel of communication between Guild and St Hilda’s East and ensure that the views of Guild are represented in discussions and decision making; as well as informing St Hilda’s East of any issues facing Guild.

St Hilda’s East Trustees meet once every 6 weeks for either a committee meeting or a full board meeting. The Guild Nominated Trustee will join the committee best suited to their interest and skillset.  As St Hilda’s East is currently looking at better ways to generate income from its facilities and property, any experience in this sector will also be appreciated.

The Guild nominated trustees for St Hilda’s East serve a term of three years and can be nominated to stay on for one further term of three years, should they so wish.

If you have any questions about the role or would like further information, please contact Malini McCauley at  Malini has completed two years as a trustee and will be happy to share her experiences of the role so far.

If you are interested in being considered, please submit a short statement setting out why you are interested in this role, and attach a CV and send it to Caroline Harris in the Guild Office by Sunday 6th December 2020