Guild Tea for pre 1970s

Guild and Honorary members who left College in the 1960s or earlier returned on Wednesday 25th September for a delicious afternoon tea in the Princess Hall.  The Chairman of Guild, Olga Senior, and Principal, Eve Jardine-Young spoke about Guild and College before taking questions from the floor.  It provided the 50 attendees an opportunity to have conversations with Guild members and the Principal which was greatly enjoyable and educative.

Following feedback that we had received, this was a trial event for our older members from the local area, to provide a gentler experience than the very busy annual AGMs and Reunions in May.  The responses that we have had indicate that our guests relished being back in familiar surroundings, relaxing with old friends whilst eating the most delicious full afternoon tea.  Its success means that we hope to repeat this event in another part of the country, enabling older members to not always have to travel to Cheltenham.