LC1 Big Sleepover

With the January evening providing darkness early on, our LC1 girls had great fun at the ‘Murder Mystery’ themed Big Sleepover last week.

They delighted in the chance to bolt around by torchlight looking for the signs and clues hidden all over College which were necessary to crack the case. The shrieks, laughter, whispers and chattering throughout, as well as the very rosy cheeks and sparkling faces at the end of this particular activity, said it all… The LC1 girls had expended a great deal of energy and had thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of solving the iced-bun murder!

The sleepover itself commenced with a feast of a supper at Bayshill arranged by our wonderful catering team, and soon afterwards our LC1s excitedly set up ‘camp’ in Lower Hall. It was clear from the merriment and energy right from the start that the girls were keen to make the most of a brilliant evening filled with games and treats.

Later, after hot chocolate, the LC1s formed a giant conga line and sang or squealed all the way down the Marble Corridor. They were soon enjoying popcorn and a film from the comfort of their improvised beds spread across the Hall. 

At last it was time to settle down for the night to ensure a sleepover rather than a stayawake, and while there were the inevitable giggles in the darkness followed by ‘shushing’ from staff, eventually all was still and the girls drifted off to sleep. They slept soundly, surrounded by the large portraits of former Principals gazing down upon them.

After the excitement of the previous evening, our sleepyheads packed up (somewhat less energetically than they had unpacked the night before) and made their way to the Garden Common Room for a delicious breakfast before dispersing to enjoy their Sunday back at Houses or with families.

Once again, this proved to be a wonderful opportunity for the girls to engage across the year group and they clearly appreciated the sheer pleasure of being together and having the school to themselves.

Mrs Charlotte Oosthuizen, Head of Lower College