Request for photos and footage



We are already hearing some wonderful stories of how members of the CLC community are responding to the current Covid-19 pandemic. We would love to be able to share what everyone is doing to help, as a way of showing the CLC spirit in action.

Whether you are a key frontline worker, volunteering at a hospital, donating or printing PPE, or sewing scrubs bags, we would love to include you in our project. Please send a photo or short video clip of yourself, ready to begin your shift or with your project, and help us spread a little positivity, thanks and hope among our community.

All content should be portrait and can be quickly taken on a phone or tablet. You’re welcome to share any message you like, be it one of hope or thanks, but if you’d like to keep it simple then we’d suggest something like – “Hi, I’m Jess, I left College in 2006 and I’m volunteering at XX Hospital in my evening and weekends”.

We are hoping to create a short film with the photos and video clips, to be shared with our community via email and on our other digital platforms, such as our website and social media.

If you would be happy to be included, then please use the link below to upload your videos by Tuesday 30th June to:

Please send photos directly to by Tuesday 30th June.