Sad news of Wendy Lodge, house staff - St Margaret's

It was with great sadness that we announced the passing, over the Christmas holidays, of our beloved member of staff Wendy Lodge.

Wendy joined College in 1993, providing pastoral care and support to quite literally generations of CLC pupils who have come through St Margaret’s over the past 25 years, and working alongside many colleagues during that time.

Staff, colleagues and friends from many departments of College gathered and attended the memorial service for Wendy held in Oak Chapel in Cheltenham on Friday 10th January. This was a very moving, yet uplifting service conducted by a lay member of Christ Church who had known Wendy over many years. It was a heartfelt tribute to her life as a mother, grandmother and valued member of the community.

The girls have been given the opportunity to reflect on the positive impact she had on our family here at St Margaret’s. I have been in regular contact with her children and grandchildren who have been comforted to know how loved she was in St Margaret’s.

We had a service in House, on Sunday 9th February, led by the Sixth Form College girls who knew Wendy during their time here. Girls from 3s to SFC2s contributed and remembered Wendy focussing on all that made her such a wonderful member of our community and we were joined by Wendy’s daughter, son and daughter-in-law. We presented the family with a memory box containing thoughts from the girls about Wendy’s impact on them; we hoped this would give her family a sense of how valued she was here.

With great fondness, we remember her laugh, her sense of humour and her no-nonsense approach to life and we are blessed to have so many happy memories of her work here.

One of our 5s wrote a poem as a dedication to Wendy - click here to read.

Bel Hoskins
Housemistress, St Margaret's