Guild member Emily Sumaria attended College between 2004 to 2011 and was in Farnley Lodge and Elizabeth.  Very sadly Emily died in 2012 whilst she was at university when she was just nineteen.  She died from Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy - SUDEP.  It is a silent killer.

Her family undertook a big challenge in September and October 2018 to support a charity called SUDEP Action which helped them tremendously after Emily died.  College was a huge part of Emily's short life and the family would love to get the school and Guild members involved.  Not only are they trying to raise money but raising awareness of how Emily died is very important and really can save future lives.

Rachel, Bharat, Amy (CLC 2002-2009, Farnley Lodge/Elizabeth) and James drove an Indian Tuk Tuk from London to Istanbul through 21 countries to raise money for SUDEP Action.  They set off from London on 8th September and arrived in Istanbul on 18th October.

Their route is posted on their website at tuktuktoturkey.com but in brief they went through Belgium, Germany, Austria etc and then through the Balkans and Bulgaria to Turkey.

For further details about the trip, links to social media and other ways in which you can help, please click here