Veterinary Science Talk

Guild member and University of Cambridge undergraduate Ella Ykema (CLC 2016-2018) recently returned to College to share her experiences of studying veterinary science at university.

"I recently attended a talk by an old CLC girl, Ella Ykema, who is currently studying veterinary science at the University of Cambridge. The talk was very informative, not only for those wishing to study veterinary science but also for those who are looking to apply to competitive universities such as Cambridge.

Ella described what Cambridge was like: both the town and her day-to-day life as a student at the University. She gave details about settling in, as well as how to make full use of the opportunities provided by CLC in order to prepare for and earn a place at such an institution.

Ella was very kind, down-to-earth, and aware of her audience, keeping the atmosphere light and easy. Ella's talk and her relatable character helped me to consider Oxbridge as a real choice, not just a dream."

Beatrix (UC5)