College Archive - request for help

Guild Honorary member, Debbie Vass (former Head of Upper College/Teacher of Geography), is a volunteer in the College Archives and has asked if Guild members can help to identify some items of uniform: 

Recently my project in Archives has been cataloguing College uniform which has been donated to us. It is very interesting and enjoyable.

I am particularly interested in these Guild items which seem to be from the 1910s-1930s. We have a number of cream wool cricket blazers, one with a bow made of Guild ribbon,  green wool ( Guild?) blazer, a number of rectangular and square silk scarves in Guild colours and ribbon in Guild colours. We also have a couple of white silky scarves which I guess may be cricket scarves.

If anyone knows more about these items and whether some were available to all leavers or only a select few, please let us know so we can expand our record. Some of the blazers are named and show the date acquired which would have been when the girls left and joined Guild. 

Debbie Vass

Cricket Blazer


Green Blazer

Scarves and Ribbons