CLC celebrated the 14th Beale Debate on Saturday 4th December in the Princess Hall. The debate, conducted in the style of the English-Speaking Union Schools’ Mace, involved a team of SFC1 (Year 12) students (Tegan, Ashley and Amelie) against a Guild team composed of Eleanor Hervey-Bathurst (2006-2013, St Helen’s/St Hilda’s) and Adèle Coates-Lyon (nee Coates, 1988-1995, Glengar/Bayshill). The motion debated was ‘This House believes that technology will be more important than dialogue when solving humanity’s challenges’. As per tradition, the CLC team were the proposition and the Guild team the opposition.

Both sides demonstrated excellent research and a logical and convincing argument. The participants were quick off the mark with their responses and listened well to their opponents. The questions from the floor demonstrated the enthusiasm and intrigue from the rest of the school. While the pupil votes were evenly split at the end of the debate, the adjudicators – Ms Jardine-Young and Mr Pothecary – had to make a final decision resulting in the Guild team of Eleanor and Adèle winning.

It was lovely to have this event back up and running after its cancellation the previous year due to the pandemic. Many thanks to Eleanor and Adèle for taking part, to Mr Pitt who expertly chaired the event, and to Mr Flattery for organising.

Leila, SFC1 (Year 12)

Eleanor Hervey-Bathurst and Adèle Coates-Lyon