On the Saturday morning of the 3rd of December, 2022, CLC hosted the annual Beale Debate. The motion debated was 'This house believes that prominent figures outside of politics should emphasise the positive aspects of their country instead of the negative ones when speaking on an international platform'.  As per tradition, the CLC team of SFC1 students Sarah and Moradeke, were the proposition and Guild members Isabelle Sturt (2015-2017, Elizabeth) and Yung Lo (2015-2017, Cambray), were the opposition.

It was an interesting and thought-provoking event that gave everyone the opportunity to engage with real world issues outside of the school curriculum. Both sides gave very compelling and passionate speeches discussing the impact and responsibility prominent figures have on international platforms as well as whether highlighting the positive aspects of a country would draw more or less attention to the problems in the country as a whole.

It was a close debate, with the Guild team winning 2:1. Congratulations to Isabelle and Yung! It was wonderful to welcome you back to College!

Chloe (SFC2, Year 13)

Yung Lo and Isabelle Sturt with Moradeke and Sarah