CLC Connect Updates


March Update

The CLC Connect community is approaching 1,500 members. Please do register if you have not done so as new information and materials, include a podcast with our principal, Eve Jardine-Young, are being added all the time. 

Can you help with this question in the Further Education section of the Advice Hub? "I'm an SFC2 student hoping to pursue a career in Law, I've applied to study Law LLB at university, however, a lot of people who have done this degree have suggested doing a conversion instead if you have another subject of interest. I've applied deferred for Law for a course that I feel I'd enjoy, but if anyone has studied/ is studying Law or done a conversion I'd really value your opinion".  Please log on and add your thoughts or post your own questions. 

New this month too are details on the application process for the inaugural Council Advisory Board in the Opportunities area.

Would you like to help fellow Guild members and current pupils secure work experience?  Is this something you are able to offer or have colleagues that can help? We will soon be posting work experience opportunities on CLC Connect, please contact Mrs Heather Eggelton at for more information.

February Update

We are now approaching 1,400 community members, CLC Connect is establishing itself as the place to go to connect with others, review useful digital resources and seek and give help and advice.

This month we have launched the Advice Hub alongside our Pupil and Guild mentoring programmes. This area is for when you have a question you want to pose to the community and covers topics such as Industry Insights, Pupil Work Experience and Internships, Career Queries, CVs, Interviews and Job Seeking, Further Education and Returning to work.

Whether you are seeking advice or would like to help others benefit from your knowledge and experience please do review the questions on the Advice Hub and consider signing up to be a mentor.

Please visit to register if you have not already done so and encourage your friends to do the same.

January Update

In January, many of us take a little time to review our priorities and goals and also seek out new opportunities. Membership of CLC Connect can help you with this, if you haven't yet registered please click here.

Member Group
Want to connect with like-minded people on a personal or professional level or reconnect with old friends?

CLC Connect groups include education, area and class of groups for Guild members and professional and personal interest groups for everyone. Joining a group is simple with one click. If there is a new group you would like to be created, please let us know.

Looking for a new job or volunteer opportunity? Please visit the opportunities page. We will shortly be releasing the functionality to post your own vacancies.  In the meantime please send us details so we may post them for you.

Digital Resources
We have added some New Year recipes to the creative resources section of the Digital Library.  Some are in recognition of Chinese New Year (year of the Rabbit), others are Vegetarian and Vegan.

Do you have any questions or any information you wish to share? Please contact Heather Eggelton, Development Services Manager, in the Development and Alumnae Relations office on or send her a message in CLC Connect!


November Update

Member numbers are close to 800 and with SFC pupils (Sixth form) joining shortly there are so many opportunities to connect.

If you haven’t yet joined please visit to register.

For a tour of the platform and some advice on getting the most from it, please join Heather Eggelton from the Development and Alumnae Relations team for a virtual CLC Connect session on Zoom.

Should you be unable to attend, a recording of a tour and some FAQs will soon be available on the platform and more opportunities will be scheduled shortly.

Upcoming Virtual sessions

Friday 18th November 12-12:30pm

Meeting ID: 872 5485 5163
Passcode: rDg4pN

Tuesday 22nd November 1:30pm–2:00pm

Meeting ID: 834 6821 5257
Passcode: d0QJv5

Thursday 24th November 1:00pm–1:30pm

Meeting ID: 826 7355 0176
Passcode: FM2jA0

October Update

CLC’s new community engagement platform launched to Guild earlier this term and now has over 700 members!

Facilitating the connectivity of members of the CLC community across the world in a secure and safe online environment, CLC Connect offers users the opportunity to:

• access an online directory of community members
• book social events locally, nationally and internationally
• share and benefit from knowledge and experience on matters such as careers,
work experience and university by becoming a mentor or mentee
• join common interest groups, both professional and personal
• search for and share jobs and volunteer opportunities
• view College publications online
• follow CLC social media.

Please visit to register if you are a Guild member.