CLC Golf Society 2019

CLC Golf Society at The Tassie


Lorraine Morgan, Caroline Dixon, Charlotte Clarke and Jane Evans entered as a team of four into this annual event at The Berkshire Golf Club.  This competition now comprises a four ball better ball event involving 23 alumni teams from independent schools as opposed to the past foursomes format.  It was an enjoyable and challenging day, particularly given the unfavourable weather conditions. We were very pleased to finish 6th overall.

Next year The Tassie will be held on 8th June 2020 and it would be wonderful if we could enter two teams to represent CLC. Our Autumn Meeting at Woking Golf Club will also take place on 29th October 2019 and all golfers are of course welcome to play. Please do make contact with Jane Evans ( should you wish to join our society and play for CLC.

Tassie 2019 


This annual fixture was held this year on 6th March 2019 at Lorraine Morgan’s home club of South Winchester, a reasonably accessible location for all the players who had travelled from far and wide to take part. Although the weather forecast was not reassuring, 4 optimistic pairs of ladies from each team set off under grey skies and in blustery conditions to play a 4 Ball Better Ball competition over 18 holes. Unfortunately by the time the last group had set off, the weather began to deteriorate rapidly and by the 9th the wind had become gale force with driving rain to add to our woes. It was therefore decided to play just 9 holes as everyone was soaked through and chilling rapidly! Fortunately the clubhouse was dry and warm and all the players were able to enjoy a very sociable time over lunch re-kindling old friendships and making new ones. 

The match result over the 9 holes played was Sherborne 2.5 to CLC 1.5. CLC Golf Society was represented by Mary Henderson, Sue Wood, Pippa Lyons, Claire Clench, Sarah Nannestad, Meredith Christopher, Sue James, Caroline Dixon and Lorraine Morgan. It is hoped that some if not all players will return to complete their round in rather more favourable weather conditions!

 CLCSOGS March 2019 v2



Our Autumn Meeting took place on 22nd October 2018. Ten of us enjoyed a remarkably sunny round of golf and lunch afterwards at Sunningdale Heath Golf Club.

CLC Golf Society autumn meeting 2018 

From left to right:

Jane Perry (Evans), Caroline Leslie, Lorraine Hughes (Morgan), Sarah Nutter (Nannestad),  Mary Ann Colyer (Turnbull),  Caroline May (Dixon), Fee Nicol (Mitchell), Tam Thomas (Wood), Liz St Leger Carter (MacDonald) and Claire Mainstone (Clench).

Caroline May was the winner of the day!

We are looking forward to meeting up for our Spring Meeting at South Winchester Golf Club on 6th March 2019. We shall hold our annual match against Sherborne Girls School Golf Society on this occasion.

Finally, we shall also be entering at least one team of four into the independent girls’ schools competition, The Tassie, at The Berkshire on Monday 10th June 2019.

Going forward, we are very keen to encourage new members, particularly anyone younger than me!  Please do not hesitate to get in touch – players at all levels are most welcome.

Jane Perry (Evans, 1978-1984 St Helen's)