Easter Crossword 2021

We are delighted to be able to share with you an Easter Crossword that has been written by Piers Todd (Head of Library Services). Answers are now revealed!

Also included  are links to the crosswords should you wish to download them, there is a normal cryptic version and an quick version.

1. 80s' principal loaned jars randomly. (4, 6)
6. Finished delivering half a dozen cricket balls. (4)
7. Male relative gets the chop after returning pen. (6)
9. Writer of the raven using iPhone regularly. (3)
14. A large man you messed with? Not right, she was a
great writer. (4, 7)
16. Russian mountain that always appears in murals. (4)
17. Warning sign in camp or tents. (7)
21. United Nations go in at 7’s relation. (4)
23. How you (or a mongoose) might spend Easter morning?
(6, 2, 3)
26. Todd's seventy-five percent peculiar. (3)
28. To see old Scottish county, Gary travels fifty leagues. (6)
29. The second letter of the Delphians. (4)
30. Old soldiers' complaint having the chore of TNT
manoeuvres. (6, 4)

1. Top writer has seen a jaunt go badly wrong. (4, 6)
2. Nasty notice on an unfulfilled day. (5)
3. Cut-backs in the police. (3)
4. Fish eggs confuse headless hero. (3)
5. A small part of an inveterate animal doctor. (3)
8. Quiet, Ms Thurman, there’s a dangerous cat! (4)
10. A key instrument for kidney or liver. (5)
11. Little green man puts out rain mat. (7)
12. If initially fearful, learn yoga and you can take to the air.
13. One of the five has circuitous punt with learner in
peaceful surroundings. (10)
15. Swiss mountain kept by Miss Ralph. (3)
18. Had two points which were found in the Oxford English
Dictionary. (5)
19. Label the back gate, in part. (3)
20. A place to put the pigs in their last year. (3)
22. A bit of a bugling sound; why that's not pretty. (4)
24. The planet that foxes call home. (5)
25. Ate rations of iron and died. (3)
26. A cereal that's never seen on its own? (3)
27. The Department of Education's Bunny Girl. (3)