Former Staff - April 23

We have received the sad news that former member of staff, Mrs Jenny Piper, has died:



Former Housemistress of Farnley Lodge (from 1988-2010), died on Sunday 26th March, aged 75.

Jenny was also a Corporate Member and served on College Council from 2012-2015 as the Support Staff Nominated Council Member.

A private cremation has already been held. 

Below is the article published in the 2011 College Magazine upon her retirement:

Jenny has been with College for 22 years, so we wanted to get in touch with a member of staff who remembered her arrival. We contacted Pam Cowley, who was Housemistress of St Margaret's when Jenny
started - having been there for the previous two years, Pam was asked by Sheila Davson (then Senior Mistress) to look after Jenny 'as if she ever needed looking after'.

Pam also recalled what was regarded by many as Jenny's finest hour - the year when the Housemistresses did a 'striptease' as part of the Prefects' entertainment!

Housemistress meetings were more formal in the early days when the Senior Housemistress was the only one allowed to speak in meetings, so Jenny had to circulate amongst her colleagues with a little book asking if anyone had something to raise. Jenny herself recalls the horror with which her suggestion, that she could raise issues herself, was met! Nowadays everyone has their say, but Jenny can always be relied upon to remind us of the vital point or organisational issue we have overlooked.

Housemistresses, teaching and support staff all speak of Jenny as being warm, supportive, calm, and the epitome of pastoral care. These things are all true. The girls in Jenny's care will remember her with great fondness for many years to come and we all wish her well for her retirement.

Please pass on this message to others who may remember her.