Forum 42: Sarah Outen MBE - 02/12/23

'Dare to Do: Learnings from rowing, cycling and kayaking round the world'


Time: 11.00am - 12 noon
Location: Princess Hall

Sarah Outen is a record-breaking adventurer, storyteller and therapist. Between 2011 and 2015 she rowed, cycled and kayaked a 25,000 mile loop around the northern hemisphere. It was a journey made all the richer for its failures, twists and turns. While physical and metaphorical storms nearly ended Sarah's life on many occasions, the journey (and the healing it led her to) proved transformative. It showed her the power of connection and kindness, and taught her that strength and resilience is as much about softness and vulnerability as pushing on no matter what.

Sarah will be sharing tales from her journeys alongside clips from her award-winning feature film 'Home'.

Everyone is warmly invited to attend, please email to let us know if you will be coming.