Established as a ‘settlement’ in 1889 by pioneering Guild members, St Hilda’s East is an award-winning multi-purpose community centre in East London, providing a wide range of life-changing services and opportunities for local people.  To this day there continues to be an active link between Guild, College and St Hilda’s East, including the opportunity for two Guild members to serve on the Board of Trustees.  We are currently looking for a trustee to join the Board in 2024.

St Hilda’s East works across two sites within the Borough of Tower Hamlets: our community centre in Bethnal Green and a second site, Sonali Gardens, just under two miles away in Shadwell.  We provide support and services including pre-school, children’s and youth projects for boys and girls, legal advice provision, a volunteer-run Food Co-op, a  Women’s Project working with Bangladeshi and local women, and two projects for the Over 50s, Feeling Good and LinkAge Plus.  At Sonali Gardens, a purpose-built day centre, we provide culturally appropriate care and support for Bangladeshi and other communities with a team of bi-lingual Bengali speaking staff.

Funding for our work comes from a range of sources: charitable trust grants, livery companies, local Council contracts, sponsored events, corporates, community fundraising and donations – as well as income generation from hiring out space in the freehold community centre premises.

There is now an exciting opportunity for a Guild member to become a Guild Nominated Trustee who will sit on the Board of St Hilda’s East, and will also have the opportunity to attend Guild Executive Committee meetings.  

As Ambassadors for Guild and St Hilda’s East, the Guild Nominated Trustees provide a two-way channel of communication between Guild and St Hilda’s East and ensure that the views of Guild are represented in discussions and decision-making; as well as informing St Hilda’s East of any issues facing Guild, and vice versa.

It is not necessary to have previous experience as a board member, nor are any specific skills required; the most important requirements for the role are the desire to be part of a team seeking to effect positive change for those facing disadvantage, the ability to bring energy, enthusiasm and creativity to help tackle the many challenges facing the Board, as well as being able to commit sufficient time to attend board meetings at the community centre and to participate in working groups.

The Board meets 6 times a year on weekday evenings, with additional working group meetings during the year (usually via Teams/Zoom during office hours).  Trustees are encouraged to join the working group best suited to their interest and skillset.

The Guild Nominated Trustees for St Hilda’s East serve a term of three years and can be nominated to stay on for one further term of three years, should they so wish.

If you have any questions about the role or would like further information, please contact Malini McCauley at malini.mccauley@outlook.comMalini is approaching the end of her second term as a Guild Nominated Trustee and will be happy to share her experiences of the role.

If you are interested in being considered, please submit a short statement setting out why you are interested in this role, attach your CV and send it to Caroline Harris in the Guild Office by Sunday 3rd  December 2023.  Interviews will be scheduled for early 2024, and the appointment will be ratified at the Guild AGM in May 2024.