Inspire Awards 2023 - Nominations wanted

The purpose of these awards is to inspire Guild members and CLC students by acknowledging and highlighting the contributions made to society by the varied and talented membership of Guild across a wide range of community and professional works.

The awards should be inclusive and diversified in geography and purpose – acknowledging not just the great and good but also the small and resilient – for instance those who have faced adversity and overcome it.  Nominees must have achieved a significant impact in their field, on society or contributed in a distinctive way to improving the lot of those less able to help themselves.  They should be awarded to members who have gone above and beyond – not just for doing their jobs.  Nominators must ensure their nominee is willing to be nominated.

Nominees may include those who have:

  • overcome personal adversity
  • championed a charitable cause 
  • achieved outstanding academic or professional success with significant benefit to the community
  • driven environmental or social change 
  • been a pioneer or achieved success in a challenging field with societal benefits. 

There are two awards:

  1. Over 30
  2. 30 and under.


Nominations can be made by

  • Individual Guild members (including Guild Honorary members)
  • GEC sub-committee

These two streams of nominations mean that the process will be inclusive and we shall be able to recognise a wide range of achievements. 

Nominations must keep strictly to the word limit (500 words). If it is exceeded, the text will be cut to the requisite number. 

Shortlisted candidates should write their final submission with their nominator within the timescale prescribed, and within the defined word count.  

These final submissions will voted on by the Guild membership. 


After nominations have closed on 1st August 2023, a selection panel will shortlist candidates ready for voting on by all of Guild between the 15th September and 10th December 2023. The winners will be notified and then be announced in Guild News in spring 2024. 

In addition to the award itself, winners who are being acknowledged for their charitable/community work will be awarded a prize to donate to their charity.

Nominations open on 16th June.  Please use this short online form (click the link below - live from 16th June).



  • The nominated Guild member must be over the age of 18 
  • The award is open only to living Guild members 
  • The nominator must have the consent of the Guild member being nominated and permission to provide their email address to the Guild Office 
  • The nominees must agree that if they are successful in being shortlisted, they consent to publicity relating to the award
  • It is not the number of nominations that each nominee has which is important but the calibre of the nomination.
  • Nominations must be within the prescribed word count.
  • Nominations for active serving politicians at international, national or local level will be considered only under very exceptional circumstances. In addition, nominations of alumnae who are current members of the GEC (Guild Executive Committee) or CLC staff are not eligible. 

*Guild member includes honorary members.