Guild lunch in Toronto 22/08/21

A group of Guild members from the Toronto area met for lunch on 22nd August, at the home of Guild Representative, Nancy Simpson. The group has been meeting regularly - with a pause for the pandemic - for over 10 years.

“None of us knew each other at school, but have a deep connection by having a shared history. We enjoy each other’s company as formidable women,” said Nancy. 

Front row (left to right): Michelle Sit, Leslie Barton, Massoumeh Mozaffari, Clare Samworth

Back row (left to right): Felicity Corelli, Nancy Simpson, Amanda O’Donovan, Nicole Chow 

What they are up to 

Michelle Sit, left CLC in 1987, Sidney Lodge.  She is now busy working as a GP in Toronto, and would love to find more time for travelling, dining out, and golfing.

Leslie Barton (née Jennings) left CLC in 1960, St Margaret's/St Bridget's. Leslie is organizing Zoom classes for the Fitness Club in her condo building, helping to edit a book about British airmen in WWII and spending a lot of time on genealogy and DNA matching - finding fascinating stories about her family.

Massoumeh (Sou-Sou) Mozaffari (née Zahir) left CLC in 1963, St Hilda’s.  Since Massoumeh’s husband passed away in 2001, she has lived in Toronto as do her three sons and three young grandsons.  Prior to COVID she was a regular attendant at the ballet and symphony and now divides her time between her grandsons, swimming (when the pool is open), gardening, online bridge and two book clubs. She hopes to return to her volunteering at SickKids Hospital soon. 

Clare Samworth, left CLC in 1981, Bunwell/Fauconberg. She is married with two children (22 & 16) who are “turning out to be wonderful people that I am proud of”.  Clare is reading madly between dog walks and hiking in Quebec, is back at university pursuing a second degree in Art History/English, and finally doing something that she loves (Humanist Officiant), and generally trying to make her corner of the world a little bit better for everyone.

Felicity Corelli (née Maxwell-Smith) left CLC in 1961, Hatherley Court/St Bridget’s. Felicity retired to a small town on the shores of Lake Ontario where she is busy with family, her garden and volunteer activities with the local library, art gallery shop and architectural conservancy group. She also swims, walks and when possible, travels.

Nancy Simpson (née Tobin) left CLC in 1978, St Hilda’s. Nancy happily retired at 55 and plays tennis daily in either Toronto or Scottsdale, Arizona. Her new “job”! She is an avid writer, working on a memoir, and adores spending time with her expanding family who have made their way to sunny Arizona, from chilly Toronto!

Amanda O’Donovan (née Watson) left CLC in 1975 (after O Levels), Glengar. After living and working in the UK, Belgium and France, Amanda settled in Canada in 1996 with her husband and two daughters. After working in marketing, operations and corporate communications she is peri-retired and enjoying the freedom.

Nicole Chow left CLC  in 2003, St Austin's/Cambray. Nicole realizes that she is living in an “odd time” working from home, hiking throughout Southern Ontario, keeping up with choir (cancelled) by singing in the shower, and trying out new recipes!

If you are interested in joining us for lunch when we next get together, please let me know and I will be happy to add you to our list.

Nancy Simpson (née Tobin, 1977-1978, St Hilda's) 

Guild International Rep - Canada