On Monday 14th February, the CLC Medical Society was delighted to welcome Guild member Jaimie Ding (2014 - 2019, Sidney Lodge/Elizabeth) to talk about her experiences of studying Medicine at the University of Cambridge. Michelle (a current SFC1/Year 12) attended the talk and gives her account as follows:

"As a sixth form student who is exploring her interests in different areas, the talk on studying Medicine at Cambridge by Guild member Jaimie Ding was extremely insightful and helpful.

Prior to attending the talk, I had no idea what a day at university would be like and blankly assumed that it would be similar to my life at CLC now. It was only through Jaimie’s talk that I realised how studying at university is different to A Levels, as well as how crucial it is to maintain a work-life balance in such a highly stressed academic environment.

In addition to familiarising us with university life as a medical student, Jaimie also provided us with a lot of useful tips such as reading universities’ official websites, visiting open days, preparing for admission tests and even interview tips that are not only applicable to medical applications but most subjects in general.

Jaimie then shared with us certain elements of her life here at CLC which enabled her to have such a successful university application experience. This included attending extra-curricular activities such as joining different societies and taking part in the CLC musical and sports life.

The talk ended brilliantly with a Q&A panel in which Jaimie answered different queries raised by students. I am so grateful for the interactive and intuitive talks given by Guild members who used to be in the same position as us; as well as inspired by how they are so willing to advise and help current students."

Dr Skinner, Medical Career Adviser