Over the last couple of years we have all learnt the value of a local community, however we are keen to make sure you know more about our International Area Representatives in the Guild Area network all over the World! We have invited our Guild International Area Representatives to answer a few questions to tell us about themselves so members can get to know a bit about them, the events (real life and virtual) they are planning and perhaps get in touch if you live nearby or are visiting the area.  We hope you will enjoy reading about them.  First up is Nathalie Rabindran (née Walker), who is our International Area Rep for Madrid, followed by Jenny Pomeroy (née Carty), our International Rep for New Zealand and next up is Caroline Makropoulous (née Robinson), our International Rep for Greece.


  • Name:      Caroline Makropoulos (née Robinson)

  • CLC years and house(s): 1984 - 1991 Fauconberg / Elizabeth

  • International Area Rep for: Greece

  • Years as International Area Rep: 11 years

  • Contact details: Email:

Favourite CLC teacher:

Rory Stuart (English)

Favourite College memories:

Choir with Mr Wright and orchestra with Dr Sanders (every single minute!), 1990 choir and orchestra trip to Italy (Dr Sanders falling into a canal in Venice - his trousers had to be washed out but blew down the alley off the balcony in a gale overnight!) A level music with Mr Wright in the presence of Beethoven, Russian lessons with Stella Hobley (again, every single minute), looking through the books, reading and studying in the library, riot night at Fauconberg

Tell us a little bit about yourself (interests, family, work, pets, anything!):

My work at the Embassy (as a Country Based member of staff) offers constant challenge and interest, and has forced me to learn a whole new vocabulary.  I also undertake professional translations as a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists.  I am a great devotee of Greek dancing, Byzantine chanting, and Greek directness and expressiveness, but am not so fond of the searing heat of the Greek summer and the lack of good tea!  What with three teenage boys to keep fed and happy I am never left bored or lacking for something to do or be done. Add to the mix a husband (Christos) who curiously balances working as a lawyer with composing and playing the piano (you can find him on Youtube; I sometimes turn the pages!) plus writing and translating.  My violin and conducting days have rather receded into the distance, although I somehow manage to keep singing alive, and our house often reverberates to the sound of family sea shanty singalongs, noisily and extraordinarily combined with Greek hymns, Rach 2, Classical guitar pieces, Brahms Cello Sonata No. 1, and heavy metal on the electric guitar.

Upcoming international area plans (if any - don't worry if not!)

I would be happy to organise a get-together for anyone who lives in Greece - please do send me an email if this is something you would welcome.

Any messages for Guild Members? (eg please get in touch if any ideas, would love to hear from those in the local area/my year group etc) 

Please do get in touch if you would like to meet up (whether living in Greece or just visiting), whether for a drink or tea or just for some advice on life in Greece (as much as I can offer).


New Zealand 

  • Name: Jenny Pomeroy (née Carty)

  • CLC years & House: 1983 - 1988 St Helens / Cambray

  •  Area: New Zealand

  •  Years as Area Rep: 6 years

  • Contact details: Email:  Tel: +64 275248389

Favourite CLC teacher:

Mrs Dawson “Dot” – housemistress for sure and Mrs Auger for Biology

Favourite CLC memory:

The week camping in Padstow after O Levels.

Tell us a little bit about yourself (interests, family, work, pets, anything!):

Travel and the great outdoors are my two loves and I have been lucky enough to indulge both throughout my working life.  Prior to coming to New Zealand, I led adventure holidays in many parts of the world and then on a month’s holiday I met a kiwi farmer!  That was me for the next 15 years; a very steep and at times hilarious learning curve!  We sold and have established our own tour company organising self-drive holidays for overseas visitors to New Zealand.  We are based in Nelson, at the top of the South Island.

Time off is spent either tramping (hiking), biking or playing bridge! With the borders currently closed there has been more time off than on over the last year and so have just had the very great privilege of a wonderful summer tramping and biking my way around many of the multi day tracks in our own country.

Upcoming Area plans:

No plans just at the moment but writing this has stirred me to get my act together!



  • Name: Nathalie Rabindran (née Walker)

  • CLC years & House:   1982-1989, Fauconberg / Beale

  • Area: Madrid, Spain

  • Years as Area Rep: 3 years

  • Contact  details:

Favourite CLC teacher: 

I have two faves!  Mrs Cole, Biology and Mr Wilde, art/textiles.  Although Mrs Cole never taught me Biology, she was my SFC1 class tutor.  Both supported me with me need to be creative rather than academic.  We had fun!

Favourite CLC memory: 

That’s a tough one!  I was naughty, so breaking all the rules and getting away with it was always a thrill! The hours spent in the Beale corridor with my besties... we still hang out!

Tell us a bit about yourself (interests, family, work, pets, anything!): 

My need for creativity led to three years studying fashion/textiles, two years furniture restoration and replica making, to finally setting up a Cheltenham based business restoring antiques.  A nomadic lifestyle has taken us (husband, kids: 12, 14, and 22) to Amsterdam for eight years and now Madrid (west of, to be precise!).  Recently ‘TEFL level 5’ qualified, with a hope of trading English for Spanish! I have two dogs! I love tennis, swimming and cycling, planning to learn padel.

Upcoming Area plans: 

Sharing some of my top tapas and vinos with anyone passing through Madrid. Planning on visiting some other areas of Spain, so I’m happy to share those experiences too.

Any messages for Guild members: 

Happy to offer up any tips for Amsterdam or Madrid to anyone visiting or relocating.  I have an extensive list of bars and restaurants!