On Tuesday 26th January, we had the pleasure of attending a virtual talk by Guild member Victoria Steele (1993-1995, Beale), the new superintendent pharmacist at LloydsPharmacy. This is a very senior role and involves her being personally responsible for patient safety as well as protecting the public. She must ensure that all processes carried out are in compliance with safety standards, while prioritising and ensuring that the patient is at the forefront of all decisions. This has been Victoria’s goal in her work life and she is the first woman to hold the position at LloydsPharmacy.

She provided us with valuable insight into the characteristics suitable for this role, such as maturity, experience, pragmatism and wisdom. She also left us with some inspiring words and incorporated these throughout her recollection of her journey to where she is now. “Seize opportunities, make yourself uncomfortable and ask for help”.

Piya, SFC1

PGC's Tess Hampton (left) with Victoria Steele (right)