Guild Podcasts

In the great tradition of female storytelling, this series explores the rich and varied experience of Guild members by asking them about their life choices and career, and how these have brought them contentment. Our aim is to inspire and embolden you, our members, to follow your dreams and live your best life.


Emma Clark Lam interviews Eve Jardine-Young, Principal of CLC

Please join us for the third in the CLC Guild podcast series as Emma Clark Lam interviews Eve Jardine -Young (1988-1990, Elizabeth), the current Principal of College. Eve talks about her life experiences as she came from a small school in Malawi to College for Sixth Form, won a place at Cambridge to study engineering, worked in industry, then followed her instinct to teach and eventually returned to College as Principal in 2011. Steps, which at times, required courage and were carried out with great determination. Eve describes the enigmatic and practical advice received from a former Archbishop of Canterbury and a modern day explorer and finally, the importance of community and friendship in our everyday lives. This podcast is not to be missed!

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Emma Clark Lam interviews sisters Ebony and Eno Inyangete

Sisters Ebony (2005-2010, Farnley Lodge/St Hilda's) and Eno Inyangete (2006-2012, Farnley Lodge/St Hilda's), decided to follow their creative passions after initially specialising in law and economics. Now still only in their twenties, Ebony has developed a television series based on Imperial Malian history and is currently writing her first TV series pilot and Eno has recently begun her career as a photographer.

They talk to Emma Clark Lam about their careers so far and the issues which have affected them as they have pursued their dreams. The release of this podcast coincides with the announcement of Eno’s participation in an exhibition at The National Museum of Anthropology Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico.

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Ebony and Eno


Emma Clark Lam interviews Emily Davidson, Sailor, Adventurer, Life Coach and Teacher

Our first podcast features Emily Davidson who gave up office life to travel the globe in a boat, firstly as part of the BT Global Challenge and then to spend four years at sea with her husband and young family. Interviewed by her friend Emma Clark Lam, an author and former BBC reporter, she describes her journey through life, the open seas and the lessons she has learned along the way.

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Emily Davidson (née Little, 1986-1992, St Helen's/St Hilda's) left College in 1992 with an idea of a career 'in the City'. That didn’t grab her and other adventures soon beckoned. Since then, Emily has sailed one and a half times around the world, worked in the City again (briefly!) and become a secondary school teacher. She is now a coach working with individuals and teams from all walks of life, helping them to take those bolder steps. She lives in Winchester, has two sons and is looking forward to heading out onto the ocean again if her stars will align for a third time.

Emma Clark Lam (née Clark, 1985-1992, St Helen's/St Hilda's) left College in 1992, thinking she might do something artsy. After a career in journalism, she resigned from the BBC to freelance and look after her children. Based in Henley-on-Thames, she now keeps a literary-lifestyle blog, called An Author’s Notebook, and has written three novels, two of which are published on Amazon’s Kindle. In her spare time, she works for Care4Calais in Reading, looking after asylum seekers. She’s married with a daughter, a son, a black Lab and a cat who identifies as a dog.


Emily Davidson with her sons