Sad news of Bridgette Hyett, House Staff - Sidney Lodge/St Margaret's

It was with great sadness that we recently announced the passing of our friend and colleague Bridgette Hyett. 

Mrs Hyett loved and raised hundreds of girls in her years at College, and she has touched the hearts of them all. Mrs Hyett knew every girl as an individual and provided them with her own special brand of care. Her listening ear and advice helped many girls to find their own path through tough days, and she was always the first to celebrate their triumphs.

Having served in College for over 40 years, Mrs Hyett has worked in nearly every House, but at St Margaret’s for the longest. Her deep love of this House and its girls always remained with her. On moving to Sidney Lodge seven years ago, Mrs Hyett quickly became an invaluable member of the team. With students often describing her as a Grandmother, or Fairy Godmother, she became a central part of our House family.

Mrs Hyett’s exacting standards kept everyone in House up to scratch. She expected each girl to learn the right way to do things so that they could go into life with the confidence and knowledge to be leaders in every aspect of society. Whilst Mrs Hyett cared about ‘old fashioned’ values such as clean shoes and polished silver, no one would ever describe Mrs Hyett herself as old fashioned. Her positivity and sense of fun shone, especially on a Saturday night. She would far rather be dancing in a TikTok video, making cake pops, getting her nails done, or dressing up as a shark, than knitting or making jam. However, most of all Mrs Hyett made time to talk. Be it about the big or little things of life, she was always there as a shoulder to cry on, to boost a girl’s morale, or just to tell a funny story.

Mrs Hyett was known for her love of music and theatre, jumping at every chance to see her girls perform and supervising several groups at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She will also be remembered for running the school transport coaches for many years, proving a safe pair of hands getting girls to and from College.

Outside College Mrs Hyett had no less of an impact. Her zest for life took her travelling all over the county for Northern Soul nights and countless jobs. These experiences made Mrs Hyett a renowned storyteller. Whilst at College Mrs Hyett was also a County Councillor, worked at Highbury Church, volunteered for numerous charities including the Samaritans and Open Door, and was a member of the WI. She always went out of her way to help others, offering both kindness and practical support. Mrs Hyett adored her large family, having three children and countless grandchildren and great-grandchildren; she would advocate to anyone who would listen the importance of taking time for family.

At the start of the Summer term we were very sad to share the news that Mrs Hyett was battling cancer, and girls and staff across College held her closely in their thoughts and prayers. Mrs Hyett passed away peacefully at home in June. Her loss has been keenly felt, and we already miss her guiding hand. Current and old girls were pleased to have been able to say goodbye by performing Lord of All Hopefulness, a hymn which will forever be known by those involved as something very special, Mrs Hyett’s Hymn. The CLC community gathered together in the last week of term for a service to mark her passing. During its arranging, countless times the phrase “Mrs Hyett would have know what to do, we would have asked her” was muttered, reminding us just how much her knowledge, wisdom, and support was needed by all who knew her.

Her love will always be carried by all those she cared for, and in our hearts and memories she will always be a part of the school she loved so much.

Victoria Blunn
Housemistress, Sidney Lodge