Vacancies on the Guild Executive Committee

We are working to make Guild a more inclusive and open community, with greater reach and relevance for our members. As such, we need your support as members to build a community you are proud of.

If you are interested in contributing your time and/or expertise to the running of Guild, please have a look at the roles below, and get in touch if you’d like to learn more by Friday 9th December. All roles represent membership of the Guild Executive Committee and a Director role on the Incorporated Guild of Cheltenham Ladies’ College (Guild).

Working with members of the Guild Executive Committee (GEC), all of whom are also volunteers, the individuals who fill these roles will contribute significant value to the Guild community and ensure that Guild develops a strategy to maintain its value to members, current and future. We thank you in advance.


  • Taking part in Board activities
  • Helping shape the future of Guild
  • Building connections and working relationships across the Guild community
  • Applying skills and interests in a pro-bono context
  • Useful Board/work experience for CVs and references

If you are interested in any of these roles or have any questions, please get in touch with Caroline Harris (Alumnae Relations Manager - ARM) or Sam Culhane (Guild Chair) by Friday 9th December 2022.

Guild is looking for a volunteer with financial experience. They will be responsible for overseeing Guild’s finances and ensuring that they are properly managed in accordance with established financial controls and procedures and also within the budget approved by the Committee.

The work is not time consuming and involves:

  • Preparation of the annual budget and negotiation of income with CLC
  • Receiving periodic management accounts and reporting to each Executive Committee meeting
  • Managing the online bank account and cash flow within approved authority limits
  • Overseeing preparation of micro-entity statutory accounts and tax return to ensure compliance
  • Reviewing risk and insurance cover
  • Liaising with other GEC officers and the ARM to approve items of expenditure and to discuss operational matters

The Guild Executive Committee is also looking for a candidate with experience or interest in governance. We believe we are presently fully compliant as an organisation (eg with GDPR regulations), so at this stage the successful candidate will only need to review the current documents and keep up with governance good practice until there is a new Companies Act or GDPR. As such, experience is not a necessity – just common sense and a curious mind.

The Head of Digital/Social Media is responsible for contributing to our website and managing private social channels across LinkedIn and Facebook to make them all more sustainable, engaging and inclusive. They would work with the GEC and the ARM to prioritise strategically relevant content.

The Vice-Chair role of Guild supports the role of the Chair by:

  • Acting as an ambassador for Guild by liaising with College representatives, attending Guild functions in College, and as many Guild functions elsewhere as possible
  • Managing the administration of Guild by liaising with the ARM and College and attending Annual General Meetings, General Meetings and meetings of the GEC
  • Being accountable to the Members for the work of the GEC and to ensure that Guild develops a strategy to maintain its relevance to them
  • Ensuring that Guild is operated in accordance with its governing documents.

This role can be combined with other responsibilities such as for CLC Connect, social media, governance, area rep, year rep.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Sam Culhane (1977-1984, Farnley Lodge/Elizabeth)
Guild Chairman