Lisa Chernobay (2014-2021, Farnley Lodge/St Hilda's), a former CLC pupil from Ukraine, came back to College to talk about the current war between Russia and Ukraine. Being from Ukraine myself, it was a very emotional and personal speech that she delivered to College. During current events, it is extremely valuable to see an insider’s perspective and her experiences that she went through when fleeing Ukraine. 

Sophie and I had the honour of talking to Liza and her mother, Ludmila, after her speech and it was very inspiring to hear their personal experiences and the challenges they faced on their journey to the UK. 

Here are some of Liza’s personal words about her visit to College: “It felt so meaningful to explain the connections between Ukraine, the war and the rest of the world, and to discuss certain aspects of culture which have been affected by the Russian invasion.”

We are all grieving the loss of those that have died in Ukraine, so hearing Liza speak so openly and honestly about her family and loved ones was extremely encouraging. Thank you very much to Liza and her family for taking the time to come back to CLC and share the hardest moments of her life. 

Louisa, SFC1 (Year 12)