Notable Guild Members

Guild members have a long history of influence in their chosen careers, with many of them being pioneers especially in being in the first women to achieve some leading positions

Jane Harrison, CLC 1868 
First research fellow of Newnham College, Cambridge

Dr Alice McLaren, CLC 1876 
One of the first five women to take the London MD

Zoe Grimwood, CLC 1877 
Developed use of Braille in training of the deaf-blind

Dr Clara De Brereton Evans, CLC 1884 
First woman to take a doctorate in Chemistry

Dame Louise Aldrich-Blake, CLC 1886 
First woman to qualify as a Master of Surgery, 1895

Annie Hall, CLC 1891 
First woman member of the Society of Architects (now RIBA) 1912

Dr Helen Mackay, CLC 1906 
First woman fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, 1934

Dame Mary Archer, CLC 1962 
Chair of the Science Museum, 2014

Rachel Lomax, CLC 1962 
First female Deputy Governor of the Bank of England, 2003

Professor Lisa Jardine, CLC 1962 
Historian, biographer, public thinker, broadcaster, mathematician - Chair of the human fertilisation & embryology authority for 10 years - honorary member of the Royal Society

Professor Clair Chilvers, CLC 1963 
Chair, Gloucestershire NHS Trust, 2011-2016.  Co-founder and Chair of ‘Mental Health Research UK’, 2008

Dame Clare Marx, CLC 1968 
First female orthopaedic surgeon in London teaching hospital, 1990.  First female President of the Royal College of Surgeons, 2014 - 2017.  First female Chair of the General Medical Council, 2019

Dame Kristin  Scott-Thomas, CLC 1975 
Leading actress

Belinda Swain, CLC 1981 
Chief Airworthiness Engineer, Rolls Royce & Recipient of the 2012 WISE Award

Amanda Wakeley, CLC 1981 
Leading designer

Amber Rudd, CLC 1981 
Home Secretary, 2016-2018. MP for Hastings and Rye 2010-2019.

Kate Reardon, CLC 1987 
Editor of Tatler magazine, 2011-2017