Who's Who

The Incorporated Guild of Cheltenham Ladies' College is run by a committee of former pupils of CLC.

Decade, Area and Tertiary & Higher Education Representatives support the work of the Guild Committee and act as a link with members, organising location or age-specific events in the UK and overseas.

The roles are voluntary, and we are thankful to everyone who gives their time selflessly to our organisation. If you would like to volunteer, please check the lists below for vacancies, and get in touch with the Guild Office.

All our Committee Members and Representatives can be contact via our Contact Form, or through the Guild Office

Guild Committee

Chairman and Vice Chairman


Mrs Samantha Culhane (Ashworth, 1984)


Ms Kate Simpson (1985) 


Mrs Shonali Devereaux (Rodrigues, 1992)


Miss Sophie Emler (2004)


Pre 79ers - Mrs Nicola George (Crofton, 1978)
Elected Decade Rep for 1970s in 2017

1980s - VACANT

1990s - Mrs Malini McCauley (Basuthakur, 1992)
Elected Decade Rep for 1990s in 2023

2000s - VACANT

2010s - Miss Catherine Skrbic (2010)
Elected Decade Rep for 2010s in 2023

2020s - Miss Phoebe Thornett (2020)
Elected Decade Rep for 2020s in 2021


Miss Elizabeth Birch (1975)


Ms Izzy Poston (2005)
Guild Editor since 2024

President and Vice Presidents


Ms Eve Jardine-Young (1990)


Miss Helen Clegg (1956)*
Mrs Mary Mossford JP (Bence, 1981)*
Mrs Mary Blackburn MBE (Symons, 1962)*
Miss Enid Castle OBE*
Mrs Judith Hillman (Robinson, 1966)*
Mrs Fionna Cardale (MacCormick, 1978)*
Ms Maggie Henderson-Tew (Tew, 1976)
Mrs Vicky Tuck*
Mrs Katie Robyns (Etchells, 1981)*
Mrs Olga Senior (Hill, 1978)*
Mrs Jane Richardson JP (Robinson, 1966)*

*non-committee members


Ms Maggie Henderson-Tew (Tew, 1976)


Ms Kate Simpson (1985) 
Mrs Reiko Barrett (Bridge, 2001)


Guild has Area Representatives in the UK and Internationally.  A Representative of Area Representatives sits on the Guild Executive Committee.

If you are interested in filling any of the vacancies or wish to contact an Area Representatives, please get in touch with the Guild Office.

United Kingdom

  • Bristol: VACANT

  • Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire: Miss Natalia Desselberger

  • Berkshire, Oxfordshire: Mrs Sarah Hewett (Simon)

  • Cambridgeshire: Mrs Miria Robinson-Levine (Robinson)

  • Cornwall, Devon: VACANT

  • Cumbria, Lancashire: Mrs Carolyn Roberson

  • Derbyshire, Yorkshire (South): Mrs Kirsty Noël (Peart)

  • Dorset: Mrs Sarah Crossley-Weir (Crossley)

  • Essex: Dr Sarah Smith (Urquhart)

  • Gloucestershire: Mrs Caroline Roberts (Cocks)

  • Greater Manchester, Cheshire: VACANT

  • Hampshire, Isle of Wight: VACANT

  • Herefordshire, Worcestershire: VACANT

  • Kent: VACANT

  • Leicestershire: VACANT

  • Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire: Miss Ellie Forbes

  • London (Postal Area): Mrs Sue Cattermole (Beazer) and Miss Natalia Desselberger

  • Merseyside, North Wales, Isle of Man: VACANT

  • Middlesex: Mrs Kysara Haque (Karim)

  • Norfolk: Mrs Rosie Eldridge (Granger)

  • Northamptonshire, Rutland: Mrs Gwyneth Zant-Boer (Tan)

  • Northern Ireland: Mrs Julia Shirley (Bryson)

  • Northumberland, Tyne & Wear, Durham, Cleveland: VACANT

  • Scotland: Mrs Angie Emler (James)

  • Shropshire, Staffordshire: Miss Elizabeth Birch

  • Somerset: Mrs Annis Sokol (Farrow)

  • Suffolk: Dr Alice Gillams

  • Surrey: Mrs Janice Alves De Sousa (Miller) and Mrs Denise Hooker (Salter)

  • Sussex: Mrs Heather Coulson (Davidson)

  • Wales, Mid and South: Dr Carole Jones

  • Warwickshire: Mrs Didi Vernon Miller (Fitzsimon)

  • West Midlands: VACANT

  • Wiltshire: Mrs Pippa Richardson (Roberts)

  • Yorkshire: Mrs Diane Cothey


  • Australia: Dr Susie Nyst (Yates) - Queensland, Mrs Anne Faithfull (Mclaughlin) Victoria

  • Canada: Mrs Nancy Simpson (Tobin) - Ontario, Miss Erica Blume - Vancouver

  • Czech Republic: Mrs Gil Bomber (Breminer)

  • Egypt: Ms Nadia Hamdy

  • France: Mrs Lydia Holland-Lancaster (Shaw), Mrs Judy Lambert (Jerrom)

  • Germany: Mrs Charlotte Hartwell (Allison)

  • Greece: Mrs Caroline Makropoulos (Robinson)

  • Hong Kong: Miss Catherine Chan (Additional reps required) 

  • Italy: Professor Eleonora Cattaneo

  • Japan: Miss Maho Okugawa

  • Malaysia: Miss Ishani Hendry, Miss Kalindi Hendry, Miss Dawn Wong

  • The Netherlands: VACANT

  • New Zealand: Mrs Jenny Pomeroy (Carty) - South Island

  • Nigeria: Mrs Alero Barlow (Ogbemi)

  • Singapore: Mrs Nichola Rastrick Trotter (Rastrick), Miss Jenny Yiu

  • South Africa: Mrs Gabrielle Phillips (Cowan) - Johannesburg, Mrs Elizabeth Castleden (Pittendrigh) - Somerset West, Mrs Judy Seymour (Carpenter) - Cape Town

  • South Korea: Miss Philippa Song

  • Spain: Mrs Nathalie Rabindran (Walker)

  • Thailand: Miss Pimpraphai Bisalbutra

  • UAE: Mrs Belinda Freeman (Carter)

  • USA: Mrs Christianne Veconi (Buchanan) - Corte Madera CA, Ms Randa Kayyali - Florida FL, Ms Sophie Silver - Vail, CO, Miss Nuha Ansari - New York


Tertiary and Higher Education representatives (THEIR) are responsible for hosting gatherings at their university/college for Guild members. They will act as supports for first years and speak to current CLC students about their experiences.

United Kingdom

  • Art College: VACANT

  • Birmingham University: VACANT

  • Bristol University: Linda Papagallo

  • Cambridge University: Rachel Lyu

  • Cardiff University: Edi Ekoriko

  • Cornell University (US): Sharon Ng

  • Durham University: Annabel Cooper

  • Drama College Representative: Alice Jemal

  • Edinburgh University: Issy Smith

  • Exeter University: Maya Robberstad

  • Imperial College: Abida Hyat

  • King’s College London: Jeanette Lim

  • Leeds University: VACANT

  • Loughborough University: VACANT

  • Manchester University: VACANT

  • Music College: VACANT

  • Newcastle University: VACANT

  • Oxford Brookes: VACANT

  • Oxford University: Imi Culhane

  • Reading University: VACANT

  • St Andrews University: VACANT

  • Southampton University: VACANT

  • University College London (UCL): VACANT

  • Warwick University: Yayra Ankude

About the role

Tertiary and Higher Education representatives (THEIR) are responsible for hosting gatherings at their university/college for Guild members. They will act as supports for first years and speak to current CLC students about their experiences.

They will set up a WhatsApp Group or Facebook Page to which former CLC and University “specific” students will be invited to join. 

Representatives will act as a link between the area representatives and Guild members who are attending university/college in a certain area.

They will advertise Guild events that are taking place in the city, broader county/region or in Guild generally (eg webinars) and will organise coffee mornings/lunches etc for Guild members at their university.

They will be a point of contact for Guild members seeking advice about university life if they are struggling.

Tertiary and Higher Education Representatives will also act as a point of contact for girls who are transitioning from College to university/college life and answer questions that SFC or College members may have about their university/college.