Principal's Message

A very warm welcome to Guild.

As a former pupil of College myself, Guild is an organisation I hold very close to my heart. To find myself on many occasions in the company of such accomplished and extraordinary women, who give selflessly and with compassion, is a true privilege. We come from a diverse range of backgrounds, from around the globe and have walked many different paths, but we are bound together by a shared history and a connection to College.

CLC has a unique and cherished pioneering heritage as a girls’ school, not least for the achievements of so many of you, our alumnae. I lose count of the many times while meeting prospective parents that I have had the pleasure of being told, "I met an old CLC girl, and she is everything I want my daughter to be." You may not believe it, but each and every one of your own lives and perspectives continue to provide inspiration for others.

As President of Guild, I am delighted that we are in contact with more Guild members than ever before and we hope that you feel encouraged to get in touch with us - and with each other. Recent attendance at Guild events has been increasing, with some very positive responses to new formats and themes for different gatherings. We have been pleased to help re-connect old friends for ‘milestone’ birthdays and the like, as well as providing a hospitality venue for private Guild bookings and celebrations via CLC Venues and Events. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Guild Office if you have any suggestions for how we can keep Guild relevant and useful to you all.

On behalf of all the students and staff of College, we hope that this is a positive time for you and those whom you love.

Cœlesti Luce Crescat

Eve Jardine-Young (1990, Elizabeth)
President of Guild